Friday, 16 March 2012

Jordan is Lame- BIRD MEETING!

Minutes-16th March

Emmy-Has made first zine. InDesign with text and images. Planned next one. On track, planned time out for finals.
 Aims-Be on third book by next week. Do more VRJ

Amy- Cut up colour swatches to make bird. Figuring out colour schemes for backgrounds of the birds. Keeping it simple as birds are quite patterned.
Aims-Finish two double page spreads. Figure out text and type faces, whether handwritten or not.

Meg- Working out how to varnish jewellery so its waterproof. Made packaging. Starting to do black and white birds as bored of colour! Making lots and lots and lots.
Aims-Finish all jewellery and packaging, teatowel design and bags!

Josie-  done photographs and went to the library to get books and some ideas and planned out book. Drew out birds again on tracing paper and went to the dark room to make photographs. TOM APPROVES! Hand  colouring on photoshop now.
Might make tiny zines and put in matchboxes.
Made a colograph final aswelly, letterpress front of book.
Aims-do letterpress and finish editing photos!


Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Amy- have a look at this Meg :)

You probably have looked at designer/makers that make badges/jewellry etc but I really like this illustrator and he likes to paint and illustrate birds.
Hes also made badges etc...heres a link...

Saturday, 3 March 2012

Jo LB - Ghost Birds Meeting Friday 2nd March

Ghost Bird Meeting 02/03/12


Been to Plymouth Museum to look at how they display them to look as if they are flying.

Done text and put it in a dummy book, going to use a type font to simulate a filed diary similar to the one in the Scott exhibition (Edward Wilsons Diary)

Also been to Exeter Museum to draw other birds and has started work on flat plans.

Has got a white board set up especially for this project to timetable what needs to be done and when.  Is finding that really useful.

Target for next week – Going to finish flat plan for 2nd book and going to put 1st booklet together for next week.


Typed up Dummy book and settled on lay out.  Using this method she has been able to come up with more ideas for pop ups and is trying out some new forms.

Has made several versions of bird wings to try and get the winds to move in the right way.  Has also made a nest in a termite mound which grows upwards as you pull it.

 Has been in the print room creating further monotype textures which she has been adapting in photoshop.

Made a photoshop collaged bird using her feather monotypes.

Target for next week – is starting in pop up finals which will then be inserted into final spreads.


Been drawing birds at the museum.  This has helped him understand how birds are put together. 

Target for next week – Has noticed that his portrayals of the birds are taking on a more realistic form and wants to finish the pages in his sketchbook over the next week and then use these sketches to get good poses from the birds for his final images.


Has made transfer prints onto a bag and onto some shrinkies paper from which she has made pendant necklaces to sell at the RSPB fundraiser.

The shapes were discussed as to how they should be presented, cut close to bird shapes, white round the edge or into an oval or circle etc.  Everyone had a different opinion – Meg is going to discuss this with Tom B.

Target for next week – going to burn birds onto wood scraps to make more jewellery pendants and develop images and methods for screen prints onto totebags and T shirts.


Trying to resolve the Norfolk Pigeon images.

He is continuing with the Maori theme.  He is looking to develop the theme without loosing the identity of the bird so does not want to stylise too far.

Has done (an epic) pencil design using trompel’oile effects to echo carved wood.

Target for next week – He is going to develop this image and decide on a palette for this by next week.


Has made progress on layouts for lithograph prints in pencil.

Vivvienne Scwartz has suggested using ring binding to allow the pages to lie flat.  The group agree that this would be a good idea

Target for next week – to start printing and to finish pugs, fish and frogs to go with prints,


Has been experimenting in the dark room using images drawn onto acetate and then developing these onto photographs both in negative and positive looking at the effects of the various combinations. This has helped her see how she could develop this technique further.

Has done flat plan but may revisit this and develop the order of the imagery further.  Jo suggested that Laura Rosser had a very good book about folded paper books and that she might get some different shape ideas from that. 

Target for next week – Josie was going to go and see Laura Book and go back to the dark room to perfect her images she had started this week.


Friday, 2 March 2012

black or white line? opinions!! - Josie

So I inverted the sharper images in photoshop as that seems to be an easy way to make the line black and handle the exposure yourself! Think they look pretty ghosty scanned in which is appropriate :D    Can i have your opinions pleeease on which works better! cheeers

Saturday, 25 February 2012

Jo Larsen Burnett: Bittern Mock up page

Jo Larsen Burnett: Bittern Mock up page: I have been wondering how to apply colour and this is another route. I like this idea, its colourful and at the same time quite reedlike....

Friday, 24 February 2012

Notes from 24th feb

Heres the notes from todays meeting! :)

hope you guys can read it...let me know if you can't !!

Group meeting 17th Feb


. Trying to avoid the birds becoming too 'gimmicky'
. Need to make sure that the character of the birds do not become lost in the drawings
. Would be good to look at and draw the birds in a wider variety of poses
. Done some good primary research by going to Exeter museum and drawing the birds there
. Need to come to a conclusion of why you are drawing these birds. How will they be used in the final outcome?


. To produce more drawings and to have final characters of the birds resolved


. The collaged birds are working very well
. Great use and experimentation with producing textures for the collages
. For more developed pieces need to plan out the collages before making them

Emmy- Lou

. Experimenting with colouring bird designs in Photoshop
. Resolved a good direction in the development of the project by producing a mini-zine
. Experimenting with combining traditional technique with digital


. Beginning to layer up the book pages. Cutting out the tops of each page to form reeds
. Was finding that the appearance of the birds came across as too 'serious' and so needed to find an alternative style. Resolved this by switching to drawing baby birds
. Developing colour illustrations to be taken into the print room


. Really nice wood cut prints
. Will be taken designs and putting onto badges and envelopes to be produced as a editions


. Produce more wood cut designs
. Decided on what other birds to illustrate


. Carrying on with finding superstitions linked to the birds
. Need to resolve a final style for artwork
. look into laser cutting designs to reflect the carving art of the maori
. collect textures
. Need to draw out designs to scale of final size.